australian watch insurance

Australian Watch Insurance is Australia’s premier dedicated horological insurance provider offering you tailored solutions to safeguard your personal investment.

Australian Watch Insurance is available exclusively to Australian Watch Club members. Join now and gain immediate access to Australia’s only tailored watch insurance solution.

Standalone Product

No other insurance policies required. All you need to do is join Australian Watch Club.

Whole Collection Coverage

Add additional pieces from your collection into existing policy

Worldwide coverage for loss, theft, and accidental damage

Global coverage anywhere. Life can be unpredictable. Rest assured your watch is always protected no matter where life takes you

Agreed Value insurance of your investment

Have your watch valued by our certified valuer so you are fully covered.


Australian Watch Insurance is Australia’s premier dedicated horological insurer, who specializes in insuring luxury and investment timepieces.  Our understanding of the watch market enables us to offer services such as Price Increase Protection, agreed value and Worldwide Coverage on your investment(s).  Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more information.
Australian Watch Insurance is a standalone product, which does not require you to be an existing policy holder of any General Home and Contents policy.  In most instances, General Home and Contents policies have a claim ceiling, whereas Australian Watch Insurance claim value is what your investment is insured for.

To be eligible for an agreed value policy, Australian Watch Insurance requires you to have your watch certified by one of our accredited valuers.  Our accredited valuers will provide an accurate assessment and valuation of your timepiece with a Certificate of Valuation.  Once you have obtained the Certificate of Valuation, please contact Australian Watch Insurance and we will assist you in providing the maximum amount of cover for your investment.

Australian Watch Insurance can indeed insure your entire watch collection in one go.  Our system will allow you to enter as many pieces as you would like to ensure on the provision that all the watches have the correct documentation and do not exceed a combined value of $100,000.  Should your collection be in excess of $100,000, please kindly contact us and so we can better direct your inquiry.

Australian Watch Insurance can indeed assist you in insuring an anticipated purchase or a watch that is awaiting your collection. Australian Watch Insurance suggests applications be submitted at the time of pickup where the purchase value does not exceed $100,000. In the event your purchase value exceeds $100,000, please contact Australian Watch Insurance to discuss available insurance options.

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